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Finding Palemahan focuses on the story of Tangkas Village, a community in Bali, Indonesia found a solution to plastic pollution by uniting behind an ancient philosophy: Tri Hita Karana. The philosophy is depicted by a triangle representing a way of living harmoniously with gods, nature, and other human beings. Palemahan is the term that specifically defines the relationship between beings and the environment Tri-Hita-Karana.


While the Balinese traditional practices cultivate a harmonious relationship with nature, for example designating ceremonies to honor trees and rice goddesses, modern development has brought a new material: plastic. Now, plastic wrappers are found in offerings and plastic bottles are used by priests in ceremonies honoring Mother Nature.


Palemahan has been disrupted as Balinese and visitors continue to use more and more plastic in daily lives. In rural areas, plastic continues to be burned and thrown into rivers and the ocean. Unlike in Western countries, there has been a lack of environmental education surrounding this issue and many Balinese do not recognize the harm of plastic to the environment. Tangkas Village intends on preserving the cultural value of living in harmony with nature in the wake of waste. 

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