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Villages need to support their own waste programs

and money is an essential resource. Your donations

will go towards:


1.) Hosting screenings of the film in Balinese schools

to educate students. 


2.) Tankgas Village Recycling program. 


3.) Other communities who are trying to build

village-based solutions to plastic pollution. 


Your proceeds will be distributed in partnership

with Keep Bali Beautiful (KBB), an organization

dedicated to solving plastic pollution in

Bali, Indonesia.


More about Keep Bali Beautiful

KBB teamed up with Darmawan and provided

external funding for Darmawan's recycling

center called Tangkas Village Recycling 

Program. In addition to helping Darmawan

create a recycling center, Keep Bali Beautiful

also provided support for Daramwan to

spearhead education initiatives about waste

management. For example, after school

programs that teach students how to coexist

with the environment sustainably. According to

Keep Bali Beautiful, Tangkas Village Recycling

Program provides waste management education

for more than 1,000 people, processes 1,500 Kg of

trash every month, and employs local villagers.

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