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The goal of this film is to increase awareness and inspire more village-based solutions in Bali, similar to Darmawan's solutions. In order to reach these communities, the film will be screened at schools, NGOs, and other public spaces, such as community events in Bali, with the help of Darmawan and his network.  We are currently submitting the film to festivals, in the hopes of inspiring individuals to support the cause. 


  1. Spotlight Award (A Show For A Change Film Festival) 

  2. People's Choice Award (Equinox Mountain Environmental Film Festival) - Written by a viewer: ‘This film was beautiful. It was simply put, with an understanding of all people to be able to watch. I came away with a greater understanding of agriculture's impacts to our oceans which I hadn't considered before."

  3. Outstanding Achievement in First Time Filmmaker Category (4th Dimension Independent Film Festival) 

  4. MERIT Award in Content/Message Category (Docs Without Borders) 

  5. Spotlight Gold Award (Spotlight Documentary Film Awards) 



  1. Environmental Film Festival at Yale (EFFY) 

    1. March 1 2022



  1. A Show For A Change Film Festival Podcast (COMING SOON) 




  1. EFFY 

    1. March 1 2022 

  2. 4th Dimension 

    1. June 25 2022 

  3. Docuworld Film Festival (Breaking TV) 

    1. July 14 2022

  4. Docs Without Borders 

    1. On Breaking-TV app 

    2. August 13 2022 

  5. Toronto International Women Festival

    1. Feb 7 2022

  6. LA Independent Women Film Awards

    1. Dec 7 2021

  7. Spotlight Documentary Film Awards

    1. Jan 20 2022 - Gold Winner

  8. British Columbia Environmental Film Festival

    1. Dec 10 2021 

  9. Beyond Borders International Documentary Film Festival of Castellorizo 

    1. August 21 2022 

  10. Equinox Mountain Environmental Film Festival

    1. September 23 2022

  11. New Generation Film Festival NGFF

    1. December 1 2022

  12. The Impact DOCS Awards

    1. January 24 2023 

  13. A Show for a Change Film Festival

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